November  2014
The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing- Der Leitfaden für Heiler und Heilung.»
The Basel Psi-Association
Sa/So, 8./9. November 2014
Neuweilerstrasse 15
CH-4054 Basel
Tel: 0041 61 383 97 20

November  2014
Findhorn Foundation
Nov. 15-17, 2014
Findhorn, Scotland

February  2015
Sedona, AZ.»
Caroline Myss
Enchantment Resort
All Inclusive
Feb. 5-8, 2015

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Defy Gravity Radio Show

Hi everyone,

Please join me by listening to my one-hour weekly radio program every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern on Radio for your Soul.

The name of the show is DEFY GRAVITY and it's a call-in program in which I give live archetype readings, medical intuitive readings, and help people with health issues and life decisions. Such decisions include: What should I be doing about my career? My relationship? My health? Life, in general. I would like to encourage all of you to call in and I will do my best to take a question from you and then do a reading to offer you all the wise advice I can, given the limitations of time. But a great deal can be accomplished in a few minutes, as you know. And we end each show with a healing prayer.

Listen to past radio shows

Listen to Caroline live on Tuesdays at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern at

The TOLL FREE call-in numbers are:
For people in the US: 1-866-254-1579
And International: 001-760-918-4300.

You can always listen to Caroline’s “most recent show” for free.

And you can access shows from the archive by becoming a member of the Hay House Wisdom Community™ for a modest fee.

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