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3 Ways to Find and Live Your True Purpose

Caroline Myss is spiritual teacher who says she's living the life her soul was meant to lead. Caroline says everyone has the ability to fulfill their own "sacred contract"—a set of assignments the soul is meant to achieve.

So why do some people know their purpose, while others struggle to find direction? Caroline says it starts with an inner intuition we all have. Those gut feelings can guide us toward the right choices, and Caroline says people who are in touch with their inner guides can better navigate around life's stumbling blocks. 

In an hour packed with aha! moments, Caroline and Oprah discuss how to best connect with your purpose in life. Watch three key parts of their conversation to find out how you can connect with your true calling today.

First, find out why Caroline says that if you're alive, you automatically have purpose:


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Hockley Valley Resort - Ontario, Canada

Orangeville, Ontario

Aug 9-12, 2012


Hi Everyone,


I've just returned from a wonderful Hay House conference in Toronto and in response to several emails regarding coming back to Canada, I thought I would send out this quick email to say I am coming back to do a workshop at Hockley Resort.  The information is below but let me add that this one of the most delightful environments I've ever been blessed to work in.  This resort has its own organic garden and by far has the best and healthiest food around. So aside from eating better than you will anywhere else, we do indeed dine together but we also "workshop" together.  I love an atmosphere like that. It's just nice, relaxing, and comfortable.


And I also want to thank all of you for the kind response you have given me to the Oprah show.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised to see those earlier shows. I mean, my, haven't we aged.  But it was such a pleasure to be with Oprah again. She is as warm and gracious a person as she appears to be on camera and I feel very blessed to have met her through my career.  And ditto, when it comes to all of you.  I thank you so much.





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Divine Rebels





A Compelling Guide to the Ultimate Spiritual Revolution

They rose up to challenge the status quo and shake the foundations of our world. Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Mother Mary, and divine rebels throughout the ages—their true legacy is not what they did in their time on earth, but the eternal beacon that they held up for each of us to follow. On Divine Rebels, Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey offer you an opportunity and a challenge—to listen for the same divine voice that called to history's greatest spiritual trailblazers, and to answer it in your own life.


Essential Training for an Insurgency of Truth and Love

“If you are ready to put your soul in charge of your life instead of your ego, you are ready for your own rebellion,” teaches Caroline Myss. Inspired by mystics such as Rumi, Sri Aurobindo, and Saint John of the Cross, Myss and Harvey have created a map for the journey to your own awakening. The first stage, they teach, is to overthrow the harmful and false beliefs we hold about ourselves—that we are small, unworthy, and isolated from the divine. Once you have grasped that revolutionary idea, you can begin to usurp the dominion of the ego and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your true purpose

Every one of us will hear the call in our lives—a drive to act that starts with the soul and expresses itself as a radical transformation in the way we live. The lesson of the divine rebel is that when we offer ourselves wholly to do what the divine asks of us, the power of grace will come flooding into our lives.Divine Rebels is a training course in finding the inspiration and courage to answer your own call—and discover for yourself why the ultimate rebellion is love.

Music by Jon Samson



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