November  2014
The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing- Der Leitfaden für Heiler und Heilung.»
The Basel Psi-Association
Sa/So, 8./9. November 2014
Neuweilerstrasse 15
CH-4054 Basel
Tel: 0041 61 383 97 20

November  2014
Findhorn Foundation
Nov. 15-17, 2014
Findhorn, Scotland

February  2015
Sedona, AZ.»
Caroline Myss
Enchantment Resort
All Inclusive
Feb. 5-8, 2015

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Some words from Caroline...

I appreciate your interest in obtaining a reading from me. Intuitive readings can demonstrate that thoughts, feelings and emotions can have an effect on your health; that is how your biography becomes your biology.

While I truly and deeply empathize with your concerns about your health and the health of your loved ones, I decided several years ago that I would no longer do private readings. As you might imagine, I could not keep up with the requests and found myself helping only a handful of people, at most, on any given day. My current schedule keeps me on the road teaching and what brief time I have at home, I use for writing. I am unable to make exceptions, so while I would very much like to help, I must say no.

REadingsIn an effort to help more people I have directed my focus to teaching, writing, and lecturing. For people interested in learning the science and practice of medical intuition, I--along with Dr. Norm Shealy--developed a training program which teaches people to use energy medicine in their own lives.

If you are interested in further pursuing a private consultation, there are other medical intuitives whom you could consult. I do not, however, make a practice of referring people to specific intuitives because I have no personal knowledge of their qualifications. You may be able to find a qualified medical intuitive by inquiring at your local holistic health center, or talking with a physician in your area who practices alternative medicine. Additionally, there are people with interests in energy medicine who regularly participate in the discussion forums here on my site.

In your quest to become as healthy as possible, may I suggest that you secure the best team of physicians that you can find; keep abreast of all new research related to your illness; find a yoga or meditation teacher to help you learn to balance and center yourself; explore and examine any and all spiritual issues related to healing (such as forgiveness, anger, letting go, fears, change, etc.); and, perhaps most importantly, do not blame yourself for your illness.

I hope this information is helpful and wish you the best on your healing journey.

-- Caroline Myss